Atlanta Star Steppers the HOTTEST NEW HYPE {DRILL TEAM: DANCE TEAM: STEP TEAM} all in ONE! SURVIVAL of the FITTEST: When it comes to THAT BEAT we a BEAST!

@ the drop of a coin TRAINED and READY to GO HARD or GO HOME... COMPETITIVE yes! competition NONE... Although we are a TEAM of WINNERS there is MUCH MORE to us than winning.

Get your CHILD or TEENAGER involved in something NEW and POSITIVE.  This is the PERFECT activity to get your YOUTH & TEENS up & moving for SUMMER. Its a GREAT and HEALTHY way to Introduce LEADERSHIP, Encourage SOCIAL SKILLS, Promote FITNESS and  TEAMWORK.

{Participation info}

Meetings are held on the 1st SATURDAY Evening of EVERY Month: Practice one WEEKDAY and every SATURDAY @ VARIOUS VENUES through out ATLANTA: 3pm-7pm some Carpooling and Transportation Provided


Practice (2) Week & Carpool

Travel  to Competitions

Fundraiser Events & Parties

Mentoring & Tutoring 

Anti-Bullying Environment

snack, cold drinks, and some meals

Low Registration Fee & Low Dues


Females & Males All Ages

Dancers & Musicians

Team Mom’s & Leaders

Fundraising Team

Community Sponsors

Team Snack Sponsors

Monetary Donations

Practice Locations

Equipment and Instruments

ENTER to WIN up to $3000 in CASH and PRIZES in ATLANTA, GEORGIA this JUNE 21, 2014: The OCCASION is JUNETEENTH 2014 CELEBRATION: This is the SIMPLEST EASIEST COMPETITION CONTEST EVER! There will be THREE WINNERS {1st $1500} {2nd $1000} {3rd $500} and WINNERS are DECIDED FIRST by our PANEL of JUDGES and SECOND by the CROWD: There is a $125 REGISTRATION FEE per TEAM